The Donnie Story

This is a detail of a painting I did of my brother and I years ago.

Those who have known my family forever will remember that I had a brother named Donnie who died of cancer at age 20, when I was 16.  A few years ago I wrote the story of all that I was feeling and experiencing during that time.  I wrote what I had never talked about to anyone.  It had all been too painful.  A few months after writing the story, I met a writer named Harriet Michael, who was collecting stories for a book on prayer.  She said she was looking for stories about prayer, even unanswered prayer.  I submitted the Donnie story to her, and she wanted to include it in her book.  It has taken a few years for it to be finished and published, but it goes on sale tomorrow, and if you’re interested, here’s the link: Prayer Warrior Confessions