Mozambican Odyssey: Story 3, Kites from Garbage


Window to the Soul, Oil Pastel on Pastel Paper, 14 x 11, by Susan E Brooks

Kites from Garbage 

I just heard Kirk scream—the kite string has broken and it’s lost.  The kite carefully fashioned out of garbage had flown so high! I’m surprised that it flew at all.

With the help of his Mozambican friend, my 12-year-old son Kirk unraveled a length of nylon rope into many short strands, and spent hours tying them together end to end for the kite string.  They used a plastic grocery bag over two sticks for the kite, scraps of rope for the tail, and—believe it or not— it flew sky high.  We dodged dozens of kids flying kites as we drove home from school on our sand road the other day.  It must be the season to fly.

What season is it for you?  Maybe it looks like all you have to work with is garbage, but God doesn’t see you or your situation that way.  God, the original creative artist, loves to make masterpieces out of messes.  He loves the people that are society’s  “throw aways.”  He is mending you and lovingly crafting your life so that you can one day “soar on wings like eagles” (Isa. 40:31).  Some days it’s hard to believe, but then again, I never thought Kirk’s kite, made entirely out of “garbage,” would ever fly.